Prepayment Meters

Usually prepayment meters are used by the families that have poorer incomes, for e.g. the families on benefits, single-handed parents or those who do not have bank account. Nevertheless these pre-payment meters are also being used by other customers who find this kind of payment method helpful in their budget.

A prepayment meter

With the help of pre-payment meters you can pay for your gas and electricity as you make use of it or utilize it. The energy suppliers replace the standard credit meters with a prepayment meters when the customer is not being able to manage monthly energy bills, or if they have a prior debt with the supplier, with which the customer will be required to top up when they need gas or electricity. Also the prepayment meter is installed on the request of customers, if in case they’re trying to manage their domestic budget, although it is not advised as the gas and electricity you utilize is charged at a much advanced rate than other energy taxes.

Working of pre-payment meters

Prepayment meters work in a similar manner of pay-as-you-go mobile phones. The prepayment meters make use of smartcards, tokens, keys, and in some cases, money must be put straight into the meter rather than paying for the gas and electricity after using it.

There are three types of prepayment meter: smartcard, keys and token meters. All these pre-payment meters can be credited in newsagents and garages, anywhere the Payzone or Paypoint signs are displayed and also in some branches of the Post Office.

It has been discovered that almost all prepayment meters are set at the supplier’s most pricey tariff. And it implies that the shoddier families in society pay the largest part for their energy. According to the energy suppliers the reason behind is this is because of the additional costs the meters sustain, like the fees for collecting cash by means of Paypoint, Payzone and Post Office outlets, as well as the fixing and maintenance of the meters themselves.

Also, its important to make sure that you don’t run out of credit when you are away in order to make your appliances left on, such as fridges or freezers running.

Switching of prepayment meters

It gets difficult for the customers to change the prepayment meters after they’ve installed, so they are often considered as a “last resort.” If the energy supplier says about installing a pre-payment meters at your home, speak to them and try if you can get a repayment plan for the money you owe, or whether or not you are eligible for a social levy.

And in case if you have a prepayment meter but you want to switch to a standard credit meter, then its required to contact your supplier. Usually there is a charge for the installing of a new meter.

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