Choosing a battery vacuum cleaner

Battery vacuum cleaners are becoming increasingly popular. They offer a great flexibility in that you do not need to be bothered by a cord that gets in the way, and you can easily reach and clean everywhere. This makes it much easier and convenient to keep a nice and tidy home.

The real staring point for battery cleaners came already in 2004, when Electrolux launched the first generation of Ergorapido. From being a ugly badly performing cleaning tool, it quickly became a well performing nicely designed accessory in many homes.

Since then the assortment and choice of battery vacuum cleaners have grown tremendously, and so has the popularity. When you are to choose a battery vacuum cleaner, there are however a few things to think about:

Versatility. You need to understand how easy it is to use for all that you need. Does it have a 2-1 function, where you can take out the hand held? Does it have good weight distribution or all weight in the hand, does it have an easy to maneuver nozzle, etc.

Run-time. How long can you use it for, before the battery runs out? If it on max mode runs out in less than 10 minutes, you will obviously not have the time to clean anything seriously. And in low power mode it should run for over 30 minutes for a real clean.

Technology. Ensure that your battery cleaner has Lithium technology. Older technologies as Ni-Mh etc. have much worse performance, and the batteries normally wear out with some use, and the run time decreases quickly.

Innovative features. Look out for innovative features, as extra accessories you can buy with it. Or LED lights in the nozzle, Brush Roll Cleaning functions, Self-Standing Function, Cyclonic action etc., etc.

Design. Make sure you like the way it looks. That will make you use your battery vacuum cleaner more!

Personally, my favorite Battery Vacuum Stick is the latest version of the Original Electrolux Ergorapido. A new all Lithium range was launched in 2015 – and I think it is a great vacuum cleaner, with a 2-1 function.

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