How To Wire Electric Meter

It is easy to learn how to wire an electric meter. The service company brings wires overhead to join to electrical service using the feeder wires. These wires arrive in from the service pole by means of the weather head. The wires fix to the upper side of the meter known as the line side. There are two hot wires which are usually left black in their color. The third wire is the neutral wire which is always marked with the white tape to make it distinctive.

There are two connection terminals on the crown of the meter on the outside which will connect the hot wires. If you see, it is the place where the meter will also attach. The connection terminal in the middle is the point where the neutral wire will be connected. Shred the wires and insert them into the terminals as described above. Constrict the screws until they are taut and tug on the wires to ensure that the connections made are tight enough.

Different types of meters are found in the market depending upon the manufacturers, depending upon their services, depending upon their consumers, etc. and as per these the electric meter wiring also differs. The meters may have different color wire recognition patterns and due to which it may be sometimes difficult to wire an electric meter. Some manufacturers may not consider neutral wires in white color, but they might have neutral wires in green color. Similarly they may have different color scheme for the hot wires.

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