What Is An Electric Meter?

In this article we are going to discuss what an electric meter is. The article also contains the important details about electric meter, which a consumer should know. Let us have a look at the following details to know all about electric meter. An electric meter is a device which is used to measure the consumption of electrical power supplied to a consumers. An electric meter is also known as an energy meter. The electric power, commonly known as electricity is a clean and convenient way of delivering energy to a residence, business or a machine. The electric meter is an important device because it facilitates the measurement of electricity provided to consumers, since electricity is a billable service.

The electric power company which supplies the electricity installs the electric meters to measure the amount of electricity consumed by each of its customers. Then the electric meter reads the meter after some set duration of time, generally after every month and charges the consumer for the amount of electric power used.

The most common type of electric meter is the one which measures the power consumption in kilowatt hours. They are used in electricity retailing; the meter records the values to generate an invoice for the electricity. These days, there are electric meters which can be used to record other variables like the time when the electricity was used. Since it is expensive to store large amounts of electricity, it must usually be generated as it is needed. More electricity requires more generators, and so providers want consumers to avoid causing peaks in consumption. This is the reason that electric meters have been e therefore devised in such a way which encourages users to shift their consumption of power away from peak hours, such as mid afternoon, when many buildings turn on air conditioning in countries where climate is really hot during noon times. In some parts of the world, the electrical meter charges higher rates at certain times of day, in order to reduce the use of power. Also, in some areas meters have relays to turn off nonessential equipment.

In order to make sure that there is an efficient use of their distribution network, the power supplying companies try to maximize the delivery of billable power. One of the methods adopted to ensure the efficient supply is to reduce tampering with the electric meters. Also, the network needs to get upgraded with thicker wires, larger transformers, or more generators if its parts become too hot because of the heat produced due to excessive currents.

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